Arts, Sciences and Technology for the Sentient Oceans



« Slowness »  is an inter-species communication project with an emphasis on cetacean and shark species.


Our Mission:

Recognizing the sentienty of the species of the living Oceans

Celebrating their « otherness » and our unicity.

The Arts and Sciences in service of a biocentric world view,

Engaging in a reconciliation with the natural world, as active explorers and participants of its living process.


Why « Slowness »?

« Communication » derives from the latin word « communicare » which means « sharing » or « bringing together ».
Before an exchange of information can take place, there exists, first and foremost, an intention – the intention of «togetherness », fueled by the desire to understand and embrace the other’s sentienty.
This innate capacity is being eroded by the ever-accelerating pace of our growth-oriented society. Time, more than ever, has become a scarcity and a commodity. There is a real urgency to reclaim a certain form of slowness and « re-inhabit time »: honoring the legacy of our ancestors, human and non-human, while reaching out to the future in order to gain a real perspective on the impact of our decisions and actions on our immediate surroundings and the Earth’s environment.
With Slowness, our aim is to explore interfaces of communication with marine animals and reveal different expressions of « togetherness » – through music, movement, mimicry…- to re-invent our relationship with Nature and allow for a meeting of hearts and minds to emerge with non-human species.
Furthermore, with the support of novel technology, we will delve into the invisible and translate into quantifiable and « objective » measurements the inner experience of inter-species encounters. By interpreting the minute fluctuations of our electro-bio fields – both of the human and the non-human protagonists – we will shed light on the impact of our emotional state on other beings and the living environment.
We hope these results can serve as guideposts to help us grow into conscious participants in this ever-evolving web of relationships. Provide opportunities to see our place in Nature with new eyes and inspire in each of us a «wider sense of identity as a unique and integral part of the living body of Earth. »


The Foundation will explore the field of interspecies communication to shed light onto the subtle mechanisms and bonds connecting us to the other reigns of the Biosphere.It will communicate the results of its artistic and scientific research through various media (photographic exhibitions, conferences, documentary films, books, podcasts) and will also design and conduct educational programs on the field  to provide a space for « deep experiences » to arise in contact of Nature.

For those interested in the « How », please email us at: