There are two very distinct aspects to my photography.


On one hand are my personal missions that allow me to realize myself as a photographer and feed my curiosity and passion.

On the other, there are projects in which my images are put into perspective in service to a specific cause.


In the following paragraph, I will briefly touch upon the cause that mobilizes the greater part of my attention : Extending through photography an invitation to know, love and respect the living Oceans and their inhabitants.

After dedicating several years to the discovery of sharks and their behaviors, I realized there could be no sustainable protection of a species without taking into account the totality of the food chain of which it is a part and the ocean ecosystem in which it evolves.


The Team


When I met the freediver Leina Sato in 2013, it became evident that we both wanted to dedicate our lives to raise awareness within the public and competent authorites to the urgency of protecting the living Oceans. Our philosophy is awareness through beauty and emotions : the images convey the emotions felt during our interactions with marine species and thanks to Leina’s patience and respect for the animals (and a little bit of luck), magic happens. These become testimonials, which open new vistas into a harmonious cohabitation with the natural world. Our wish is for them to serve as an invitation to reconsider our relationship to the Biosphere.

The greatest lesson offered by these experiences is one of humility- when we enter the underwater world, no matter how familiar it might feel, it is essential to remember that so many its facets are yet unknown to us.

Each species we encounter is endowed with an unique intelligence, a sophisticated language, an adaptability to the ever-shifting environment. They are a well of infinite inspiration and knowledge that will evade us as long as we remain stuck in a hierarchial rapport and exert superiority.

Every encouter is seminal that induces a heightened consciousness and an openness of the heart so necessary to the modern human being.

I wish everyone the experience of a deep connection with the natural world for it is a precious gift. For our part, the Oceans have definitely played a great part in reconciling ourselves with our humanity.

Thank you for having taken the time to discover our work.